Nikko Hendi, is a professional Landscape Photographer based out of Southern California.  He started his professional career in Architectural & Lighting Design while perfecting his passion for photography, and has been shooting Fine Art Photography for the past 10 years. 

Both of his professions in Architectural and Lighting Design have influenced his work as a photographer; his understanding of light and it’s movement in space has been the dominant influence of his photography style, rendering movement and capturing the emotion of the scene. 

With patience and tenacity, he has been able to capture moments and seconds of beauty that is often unnoticed.  His images are captured during the final minutes of the sun’s farewell kiss on horizons and the invisible light trailing behind, gently pulling the blanket of night sky.  In addition to capturing the magical moments of sun’s romance with the horizon, Nikko has been able to render the hidden beauty of storms, captured into a dramatic, yet peaceful scene. His images embody the soul of the scene as his philosophy is:

“In order for your image to evoke the emotion of the scene’s soul, the photographer must reach deep within and feel the soul of the scene that is often misunderstood as violent. There is a peaceful beauty nested within every aggressive scene. Before shooting, you must listen to the soul of your scene and feel the passion that ignites your inspiration. It’s only then, a photographer has successfully captured a scene, that your audience can feel the energy and movement in your still image.”